Episode 009: The Fear of Finding

“If  you  look  for  trouble,  you  will  find  it.” If  you  look  for  less  or  defeat,  you  will  likely  find  that  as  well. You  may  choose  to  settle  for  less  or  let  others  drown  out  those  things  that  bring  out  your  essence. Will  you  choose  to  remain  stuck  or  celebrate  in  God’s  work  and  reflection  in  your  life? Join  Dawn  today  as  she  provides  invaluable  truths  related  to  the  Fear  of  Finding.    


Too  many  people  are  thinking  of  security  instead  of  opportunity. They  seem  to  be  more  afraid  of  life than  death.”  ~  James  Byrnes

Show Notes:

1.  Fear of finding your Voice

Blocks to Moving Forward in Finding Your Voice:

  • Jealousy~ for women, there is a high emphasis on how you show up or don’t show up

Ecclesiastes 4:4;  Prov 14:30;  James 4:2-3;  Ps 37:1-3;  James 3:16

  • Rejection~  of various sorts comes into play alongside jealousy

James 4:11;  Ps 143:8-9;  Ps 34:17-20;  Ps 27:10;  Is 53:3;  John 1:11;  I Pet 5:8

  • Being ‘small’~ there is a tendency to think of love being equated with letting someone have their way.  As strong women, loving well, may actually be more about using your voice & standing up against something that’s wrong or goes against social injustice or is harmful to yourself.

“There’s nothing a harsh word can do that a strong, firm word can’t do better”

Ex 3:11-12;  James 4:8;  Is 43:4;  Song of Sol 4:7;  Eph 2:10;  Col 2:10

2.  Fear of being Refined
The purpose of the refinement process is meant to propel you on the journey of becoming all God called you to be.  It will help you learn what brings you joy, what is worth fighting for, and how you want to be known to yourself and others.  The fight and the good you have left inside of you may be spent.  Maybe, even, your current hardships and experiences are being refined for the road ahead you and that of others, as well.
Is 48:10;  I Pet 1:6-7;  Pro 17:3;  Prov 1:6;  Is 43:7;  I Cor 1:27-29;  Ps 139: 13-14 I Pet 1:7;  Is 48:10

3.  Fear of finding your Flair
Your flair is your dignity, the gifts God has given you, and the way you impact others.

It’s important to practice receiving and owning when someone names your flair~ the very place you bring a smile to God’s face.  Celebrating facets of flair joins God in what He is doing in and through you/others.  Can you celebrate God’s work and reflection in your life?

Where does your beauty need to come alive~ blossom?
Zeph 3:17-18;  Is 62:5;  Prov 31:25;  John 3:16;  John 8:32;  Ps 16:8-11;  Ps 45:7

In Conclusion~
You may find that as you enter into finding your voice, being refined, and finding your flair, that your stress will decrease, your worry will die down, and your anxiety will fade away as you have a greater ability to join God in celebration and in who He has created you to be.