Episode 044: Narcissism ~ Part 4 (Interview with Paige)

Working with a narcissist or someone with narcissistic tendencies can be overwhelmingly difficult, if not traumatizing and/or crazy making.  Today we look at the signs and symptoms that can help you identify if you are working with a narcissistic leader or colleague.  We discuss what you may feel being on the receiving end of this relationship and discuss a few survival strategies when you find yourself in a relationship with a narcissist.  A special thank you to Paige Harris for an informative and delightful discussion on a tough topic.


There’s a message in the way a person treats you, just listen.”

Show Notes: 

Dawn is joined by Paige again today.  Paige is a Life Coach, has a minor in Psychology, and graduate level studies in behavioral science.  She lives in the Raleigh NC area, loves the beach, is addicted to all things cute and cuddly (especially furry felines), and enjoys creative expression in all its various forms.  In her coaching, Paige supports women experiencing personal challenges and transitions toward living a more vibrant life.  She is also incredibly informed in the nuances of numerous styles of relating and joins Dawn today in an ongoing discussion of one of the most maniacal of styles, that of Narcissism.   

Dawn and Paige discuss:  

  •  A review of the differences between the Overt & Covert Narcissist 
  • The experience of a Child reared by a Narcissistic parent 
  • Common traits of a Narcissistic leader/co-worker 
  • Common feelings one may experience working for a Narcissistic boss/co-worker 
  • Survival Tactics for working with a Narcissistic boss/colleague 
  • “Manage Up, Not Kiss Up” 
  • Request your Free copy of ‘Survival/Safety Tips for Working with a Narcissistic Boss/Co-worker’ here!

Paige’s Contact: 
If you are interested in reaching out to Paige, please contact her at:  paige@paigeharriscoaching.com.