Episode 007: So You Want a Peace of Me? Where Did My Peace Go?

When we get disrupted, the first thing to go is our sense of peace. Following close behind, our brain shuts down, responding in fight, flight or freeze. Listen now as Dawn shares how to hold onto your peace, while gaining a greater sense of solid presence in your own life.


“They dress the wound of my people as though it were not serious. ‘Peace, peace, they say, when there is no peace.’ ” Jer. 6:14


Show Notes:

1.  Inner Conflict~
When your peace is disrupted, usually there is a difference of opinion and it  concerns what is going on internally with yourself.  Notice what’s going on inside yourself.  During this time, essentially you brain is being hijacked~ going off line.  What begins as your value being questioned in one area of your life, can carry over into questioning your value in other areas of your life, such as, mother, sister, friend.  It can become a runaway train fairly easily.

Following are the various ways your body will respond to feeling threatened and not safe.

  • Fight~ the response whereby you make contact emotionally and/or physically as you defend yourself; it can lead to the puffing up of yourself
  • Flight~ the response whereby you run away; it can lead to a deflating type of self-talk which may cause you to pull away from the relationship, work, and even our own thoughts~ a type of shutting down.
  • Freeze~ the response whereby you go blank or climb on the hamster wheel

You will typically have a favorite response you use and you will likely follow this response path for a lifetime.  It can cause you to feel frustrated, indifferent, panicky, enraged, and/or all of the above.  It will become essential for you to choose another path of response that will allow you to move beyond the surface feelings.

When you are in a situation of differing opinions on something, its important to get out of your head and stop naval gazing.
Matt 10:31;  Titus 3:4-7;  I Sam 16:7;  2 Cor 5:17

You may find yourself getting wrapped up in your thoughts, panicking, lowering your own value and having negative thoughts you tend to believe about yourself.  The negative thoughts and beliefs you may have likely do more with the evil and its plan to keep you hostage.  Negative thoughts will rob your peace.
Phil 4:8-9;  2 Cor 10:4-5;  Prov 3:5-6

Ask God to return your peace so you can be grounded in that peace~ even the peace that passes your understanding.

  • Breathe deeply
  • Name your feelings
  • Breathe deeply

Phil 4:7;  John 14:7;  Rom 8:28;  Is 26:3

2.  Outer Conflict~
The difference of opinion you are experiencing may be actually more about the other person and their story.  Be curious outside of yourself.  Consider what context the other person is functioning from~ they may have had a bad day, or have money fears or be on the hamster wheel themselves.

You have a choice in the matter of your life and your peace.
Eccl 9:10;  Prov 21:5

Consider how you can offer to another the same kindness, grace, and benevolence you’ve been offered by God.  It’s much easier to see the good in what you’ve been offered and then follow suit with offering the same to the next person~ a sort of paying it forward.
Eph 4:32;  Prov 11:17;  Phil 2:1-30;  Rom 15:5;  Rom 12:15

In Conclusion ~
The inner peace you have is a gift from God.  Are you willing to hold onto your peace and not let go of it or allow someone to steal it from you?  It’s your peace to have, hold and carry around with you.

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