Episode 010: Authentic Connection Part 1–Connecting To Self

What  patterns  have  you  developed  in  your  past  that  are  getting  you  stuck  presently  in  your  relationships? Listen  to  two  examples  of  how  Alita’s  and  Bea’s  pasts  negatively  impact  their  friendship  today  and  what changes  they  can  enlist  in  order  to  move  forward  differently  in  their  futures. Consider  for  yourself whether  or  not/where  you  see  yourself  in  either  of  these  examples.


When  our  thinking  forms  a  pattern  to  go  only  in  one  direction,  it  becomes  difficult  to  change  it  completely,  but  we  can  always  train  it  not  to  go  there  anymore.    We must  break  the  pattern  before  the pattern  breaks  us.”      ~S.H.  Khan 


Show Notes:

1.  In order to have an authentic connection with others, first you need to have an authentic connection with yourself.  If you don’t know yourself, you will not know how you want to connect with others.
Prov 4:23;  Rom 12:3-8;  Job 13:23;  Lam 3:40;  I John 3:20-21

2.  When considering yourself and patterns in your life, use these steps:

  • From the place of the balcony, look at the present patterns in your life
  • Notice if there are any past stories that parallel your presently identified patterns
  • Make future choices that permit you to walk along a different path

3.  Be kind to your stories, especially those that happened to you when you were younger.

4.  There is a tendency to stay invisible to yourself and not choose to see yourself honestly.  It is time to remove your mask and take a good, long look at yourself through God’s lens.  You were created lovely and just as He designed you~ for such a time as this.
Rom 8:28;  Esther 4:14;  Prov 20:5;  Jer 29:11;  Eph 2:10;  Prov 19:21

5.  3 Significant Approaches to Removing Your Mask

  • See yourself as God sees you    Is 61:10
  • Cease trying to please others by comparing yourself to others    2 Cor 10:12;        Rom 12:2;  Ps 73:2-6;  Col 3:2;  Rom 8:6
  • Adjust your own O2 mask before helping others with theirs  I Pet 3:9

In Conclusion~
As you practice loving yourself and being kind to yourself, you will begin to see yourself as God sees you, clothed with Christ.  You are accountable to yourself and to God.  Practice being healthy and whole instead of counting on the opinions of others.  If you are first healthy and strong, you will be in a better situation to help those around you.