Episode 016: Relating to Your Spouse ~ Part 1

Ever wonder what happens to a relationship when the other person becomes your idol? I do. Been there, done that. I hopefully have learned something! Today, I would like to share my gleanings moving from the harmful effects of idolizing my spouse to experiencing the benefits of releasing him from this austere position. 


“Find a partner who encourages you to grow, who won’t cling to you, who will let you go out into the world, and trust that you will come back.”  ~Curiano.com


Show Notes:

3 Ways to Promote More Effective Communication with Your Spouse:

  • Attune to yourself- ask yourself how your heart has been impacted today, inviting a more emotional response within the context of story- facts and narrative.  Being in a healthy relationship with yourself helps you know who you are offering to others, as well as for others to know with whom they are relating.
  • Attune to your partner- be present, grounded, and able to notice what your partner is saying or who/how your partner is being; to be truly ‘seen’ by your partner – the good, bad, & the ugly- all held with kindness
  • Attune to your relationship- hold healthy boundaries that promote clear communication around your strengths and weaknesses while staying present with your partner; an iron sharpening iron type of experience; 1 whole + 1 whole = 1 Mysterious whole

Matt 22:37-40;  Col 3:12;  I Pet 3:9;  I Pet 2:23;  Phil 2:3-4;  Gal 6:1;  Col 3:13;  Eph 4:32;  Prov 27:17;  Col 3:14;  Eph 5:25-33

In Conclusion~      

It is important to first focus on doing work on yourself and your relationship with God, followed by working on your relationship with your partner and relationship.  Marriage/relationship counseling might be a helpful asset here.  Once a year, do something to invest in your relationship with your partner.  Areas that may need further attuning will likely surface- to self, God, and with your partner.

Rom 12:2;  Ps 46:10;  Rom 12:3;  I Cor 4:7;  I Chron 16:11;  Prov 8:17;  Jer 29:13