Episode 023: Restore Relating as an Adult Child to Parent ~ Part 3 ~Interview with Ellie

Repairing your relationship as an adult with your parents can be extremely difficult waters to navigate.  Whether the break in relationship was from childhood wounding, trauma, or from a recent argument, the tensions and risk involved in a repair attempt can leave you feeling overwhelmed and hopeless.  Listen in today to hear how one woman faced these troubled waters and survived.  

“A story of redemption is always more beautiful than one of innocence.”   ~Dawn Woods

Show Notes:

Ellie holds a degree in Early Childhood Education and teaches 5th graders in the Wake County Public School District.  She is currently working on her master’s degree in Professional Counseling through Liberty University.  In her free-time, she enjoys spending time with her husband; hanging out with their Australian Shepherd, named Dakota; and reading good books.  She is super creative, enjoying drawing and journaling. 

Dawn and Ellie discuss:

  • How self-sacrificing developed in Ellie’s life, what it came to look like, and what she is doing to        change this style of relating
  • The potential risks in ‘changing the dance’ of her relationship with her parents
  • The refusal to kill desire and hope for something more
  • The impact Ellie’s story has had on observers from her family
  • The feasibility for anyone to embark on a similar, yet unique, path with their parents

Ellie quoted: 

“A story of redemption is always more beautiful than one of innocence.”   ~Dawn Woods

Ellie’s Contact:
If you are interested in reaching out to Ellie, please contact us.