Episode 032: Rewind ~ Free To Be Me (The Comparison Game)

In honor of celebrating God’s creation of the amazing feminine, I have decided to take this week and focus on support and care for my own body.  I also celebrate you and thank you for downloading your podcast favorites.  Today, listen in to “Free To Be Me.”

Comparing ourselves to others binds us to enmity and loneliness.  This causes separation in relationship.  One person is the ‘winner’ and the other person is the ‘loser’.  What other choice do you have to gauge whether you are doing ‘ok’ or are ‘good enough’?  Join Dawn today as she fleshes out this topic.

“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future.”       
~  Prov. 31:25

Show Notes:

1.  Comparing yourself to others binds you to loneliness and frustration.

2 Cor 10:12;  Rom 12:2;  Ps 73:2-6;  Col 3:2;  Rom 8:6

2.  Set side negative Narcissism.

Rom 12:3;  Phil 4:8-9;  Prov 3:5-6;  Is 26:3;  Prov 4:23

3.  Celebrate yourself~ your successes, strengths and dignity.  

Rom 12:4-8; James 1:17;  I Sam 16:7;  Gal 5:22-23;  Ps 118:6;  Heb 12:1-2;  I Tim 1:7

For such a time as this you have been placed here on this earth with a purpose.  God created you for a unique and divine appointment~ with a specific role to fulfill in your life. There is a God-given niche only you can fill~ something only you can do that no one else can do.

Rom 8:28;  Esther 4:14;  Prov 20:5;  Jer 29:11;  Eph 2:10;  Prov 19:21