Episode 043: Narcissism ~ Part 3 (Interview with Paige)

Relating to a Narcissist can be a traumatic experience.  Today we take a deeper dive into understanding what you may experience when you find yourself in a relationship with a Covert Narcissist.  My guest, Life Coach Paige Harris, joins the discussion again and helps us understand terms like “deflection”, “relationship vs. partnership” and “the antagonized you”. 


“Do not be afraid to lose what needs to be lost.” 

Show Notes:
Dawn is joined again by Paige today.  Paige is a Life Coach, has a minor in Psychology, and graduate level studies in behavioral science.  She lives in the Raleigh NC area, loves the beach, is addicted to all things cute and cuddly (especially furry felines), and enjoys creative expression in all its various forms.  In her coaching, Paige supports women experiencing personal challenges and transitions toward living a more vibrant life.  She is also incredibly informed in the nuances of numerous styles of relating and joins Dawn today in an ongoing discussion of one of the most maniacal of styles, that of Narcissism.  

Dawn and Paige discuss: 
• Distinguishing traits of Covert Narcissism, cont.
• Victim-Perpetrator-Rescuer dynamic
• Resourcefulness of the Narcissistic relating style
• Love Bomb-Devaluation-Discard pattern leading the target to question their sanity
• The ‘Sparkly-Shiny’
• ‘Am I a Narcissist?’- Having a Narcissistic moment versus Diagnostic Narcissism
• Parasitic effects that annihilate and invalidate the ‘who’ of the target
• Deflection of Responsibility onto the target
• The Relationship is Not a partnership
• Consequences of the target acquiescing to the Narcissist
• The ‘Antagonized You’ being used against the target
• Walking on Eggshells with the Narcissist
• Get the help that you need!

Paige’s Contact:
If you are interested in reaching out to Paige, please contact her at:  paige@paigeharriscoaching.com