Episode 045: Narcissism ~ Part 5 (Interview with Paige)

This is the last episode in the Narcissism series.  Today we will take a closer look at ourselves.  First, we ask, what are traits I might possess that would attract a Narcissist?  Second, we ask, as I become aware of my own Narcissist tendencies, what do I need to be aware of in order to change for the better?  Thanks to Paige Harris for joining us in this discussion and for the amazing and incredibly helpful freebies! 


“One doesn’t have to operate with great malice to do great harm.  The absence of empathy and understanding are sufficient.” 

~Charles M. Blow     


“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”  

      ~C.S. Lewis 

Show Notes: 

Dawn is joined by Paige again today for the 5th and last installment in the Narcissism Series.  Paige is a Life Coach, has a minor in Psychology, and graduate level studies in behavioral science.  She lives in the Raleigh NC area, loves the beach, is addicted to all things cute and cuddly (especially furry felines), and enjoys creative expression in all its various forms.  In her coaching, Paige supports women experiencing personal challenges and transitions toward living a more vibrant life.  She is also incredibly informed in the nuances of numerous styles of relating and joins Dawn today in an ongoing discussion of one of the most maniacal of styles, that of Narcissism.   

Dawn and Paige discuss:  

  • Big Ideas 
  • You are Not at Fault for the Narcissist choosing you to be their target 
  • Traits that attract a Narcissist 
  • Am I a Narcissist? 
  • Reasons Narcissistic behavior remains under the radar 
  • No one is immune to the Narcissist’s ploys 
  • Intent behind the Narcissistic behavior used- is it meant to harm the other or just to get what you want/undergird your own insecurity? 
  • Healthy responses in healthy relationships when Narcissistic behavior is used/received 
  • Request your Free copy of ‘Traits That Attract A Narcissist’ at:  www.brokenandbeautifulsouls.com  

Paige’s Contact: 
If you are interested in reaching out to Paige, please contact her at:  paige@paigeharriscoaching.com.