Episode 012: Authentic Connection Part 3—Connecting To Others

Growing  up,  were  you  taught  you  are  half  of  a  person  and  to  look  for  someone  in  life  to  complete  you?    Or,  were  you  taught  you  are  a  whole  person  meant  to  connect  with  other  whole  people?    One  of  these  is  healthy,  the  other  is  co-dependent. In  this  episode,  Dawn  talks  about  the  whole  person  and  3  blocks  to  authentically  connecting  to  others.  


“If  you  don’t  know  your  worth,  if  you  don’t  know  your  value,  if  you  don’t  know  how fantabulous  you  are —it’s  going  to  be  hard  for  other  people  to  see  it. Being  appreciative of  self is  beauty  to  me.” ~  Kelly  Rowland


Show notes:
You were created for connection and you reflect God’s image.  God is the originator of connection.  This truth is seen with how He relates to himself– the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit;  they are separate, yet, they are one.

You are never meant to do for another, what another can do for themselves.

When your relationships become more about looking for someone to attach to for security, for peace, and for rest, then you have overstepped God’s intention for your life.  People will then become your idol and you will lose sight of your own sense of self, becoming unattached with the One who truly matters~ God.

3 Blocks to Authentic Connection:

  • You don’t know your own story and don’t work towards redemption; you give yourself away, trying to control another, eventually becoming codependent
  • You fail to invest in and/or listen to your body and your needs toward becoming healthy and whole
  • You are not in the habit of celebrating yourself

6 Ways To Promote Authentic Connection:

  • Stand up for yourself~ you are responsible for your own voice.
  • Take notice of how your body responds in various situations~ take a time out, if needed, to become more grounded.
  • Relinquish reactivity or hyper attentiveness in responding to others.  
  • Fall in love with ‘do overs’.
  • Speak into the dignity in another’s life.
  • Go crazy for your ‘time ins’~ doing what you love.

When you are solid in yourself~ well connected to your mind, body, spirit, and growing in your relationship with God, the chances of being able to enjoy relationships with greater authenticity grows exponentially.

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