Episode 013: Authentic Connection Part 4—Connecting To God

Anxiety  is  a  feeling  of  unease  or  agitation  that  seems  to  penetrate  profoundly  almost  everyone  we  know,  including  ourselves. Rarely  are  any  of  us  immune  to  this  feeling. At  times,  it  is  overwhelmingly  disruptive. While  I  am  certainly  an  advocate  for  the  helpful,  research-based  mindfulness  exercises  we  practice  today,  I  also  know  that  a  more  profound  relationship  is  needed  for  healing  to  occur. Isolation  and  fantasy  can  be  our  enemy. Relationship  and  grounding  can  bring about  a  healing  worth  celebrating. Consider  today’s  podcast  as  a  possible  resource  and  encouragement  for  healing  and  cultivating  a  flourishing  relationship  that  brings  rest  and  peace.      


“Anxiety  happens  when  you  think  you  have  to  figure  out  everything  all  at  once. Breathe. You’re  strong. You  got  this. Take  it  day  by  day.”

~Karen  Salmansohn


Show Notes~

1.  God has the ultimate relationship with Himself– Father, Son, Holy Spirit.
God loves this unique and mysterious relationship so much with Himself that He wanted a relationship with you…forever.  It was for such a time as this, that you were created, in this day and this time, with the very people around you.  God promises to never leave your side, especially when hardships come which threaten to harm your relationships and mar the reflection of who’s you are and that which is God.
Col 2:9;  2 Cor 3:17;  John 10:30;  Esther 4:14;  Ps 139:16;  Eph 2:10;  2 Chron 16:9;  2 Cor 3:18;  John 8:12

2.  Find your grounding with God when hardships come:  When hardships occur, it is a common tendency to ignore, deny, and/or pretend that “things really aren’t that bad”.  If you do not find your grounding with God during such times, you may find yourself in a place of isolation outside of relationship with others or you may withdraw and find yourself living in a fantasy.  There is no better way for Satan to defeat you than to harm your relationships.
Ps 46:1;  Phil 4:12-13;  I Pet 5:10;  I Cor 7:5;  I Thess 3:5;  James 4:7

3.  God redeems you:  God is working things out to bring Himself glory, making our lives beautiful and restoring us into right relationships. He promises that this will all happen; if not now, then these things will be fully redeemed through Christ when He returns.
Titus 2:14;  Gal 3:13;  Is 61:1-11

4.  You gain these things in your relationship with God:

  • Salvation with Christ
  • Your identity as God intended
  • God’s ever presence
  • Peace that passes understanding
  • Fruit of the Spirit
  • Grounding~ a firm foundation
  • Your identity
  • A reflection~ a lens in which to see yourself, others and how they reflect God’s image
  • Personal growth~ next steps
  • Freedom from condemnation

John 14:6;  John 6:35;  2 Pet 3:9;  Ps 139:7;  Phil 4:7;  Eph 2:10;  2 Tim 2:19;  I Cor 3:11;  Gal 5:22;  Col 3:10;  Gen 1:27;  2 Cor 3:18;  2 Tim 2:19;  Phil 1:6;  Prov 1:5;  2 Cor 3:18;  Eph 4:13-16;  Rom 8:1;  I John 3:19-21

5.  For a more authentic connection with God, pay attention to:

  • That which is aching in your body/life.
  • How God is providing.
  • Your emotions/feelings

In Conclusion:

When you have an authentic relationship and connection with God, you will better understand authentic connection with yourself and others.