Episode 039: What’s Wrong With Me? (Part 1)

“What’s wrong with me?” Does this question sound familiar? We are most tempted to ask ourselves this question when we are experiencing stress in our lives and/or in relationships. Perhaps this question needs to lead us to something deeper, something that leads to change. Listen in today for a deeper look at the question we all ask ourselves, “What’s wrong with me?”

“Life is like a camera…focus on what’s important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things don’t work out, take another shot.”~Ziad K. Abdelnour

Show Notes:

“We are quickly approaching the completion of 50 podcast episodes. This is so hard for me to believe!  I feel very fortunate to be able to create these podcast episodes for each of you; and I am so grateful to for each of you tuning in and for all the sweet encouragement you have provided for me along the way.”                                                                                                                                                                              ~Dawn Sanders

Dawn shares a “What’s wrong with me?” story

Most people believe their own version of the truth is the most correct version. This might be why community is so very important, so that there can be a check-in with another’s experience in order to be challenged and encouraged.  Both are tremendously important.  

Test it out in your community.   ‘What is wrong with me? ‘, ‘Why do I always….?’, or ‘Why don’t I ever…?’

Think of a friend that would both challenge your thinking and encourage you along the way. These may be two different people.  If you do not have some version of these friends in your life, you will find it is a valuable thing to keep looking and even to make new friends.  

3 Areas You May Find Yourself Stuck

1. Patterns Repeated

Ask yourself, are there unhealthy patterns that you are still repeating/reenacting? 

Your brain creates patterns and pathways that will help you out- for example: bedtime rituals, protective measures.  Childhood patterns may need to be challenged and changed into more healthy, adult patterns.

Notice and name your patterns- ones that are being use for good and ones that are being used for harm.

Failure only happens when you stop trying.  Are you committed to moving forward, offering goodness to yourself and others…or backward?

2. Desire to be Loved and Respected 

Ask yourself, in your desire to be loved and accepted, are there unhealthy stories that you are making up in our head? 

You were created to be delighted in and loved.  Just because someone withholds love and delight from you does not mean you are not worth being delighted in and loved.  Yet, how many times is this the exact story you make up in your head?

You may find yourself moving into “What’s wrong with me” mode when someone does not give you what you want.  You harm yourself by believing your own negative self-talk and you harm others in your desire to control and to not celebrate freedom.

Be bold and check in with the person connected to your “What’s wrong with me” story.  You may likely find that your story takes on new meaning and understanding.

Prov 26:11, Ps 37:23-24, Ps 145:14, Gen 1:31, Ps 149:4, Rom 12:2a, Rom 8:1, 2 Cor 10:5

3. The Comparison Game – content shared next week in Podcast 40

Stayed tuned for next week’s podcast episode where Dawn will share more on the third area you might find yourself stuck, as well as, ‘How to Counterbalance Your Negative Self Talk’.